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Sunday, October 1, 2006

   what do you do?

Dear Friends,

Well hey there you guys.
I'm pretty bored today. Tho i was on the phone for like 3 hours with a good buddy of mine. LOL
yeah i don't really have a life anymore. *sighs*
damn my mother and her wanting to move. Jk
so anyways, i started working on a picture, whic makes me happy cuz i haven't drawn anything in such a long time. I don't have the time to anymore. It makes me depressed to see, how i am loosing time for everything now.
i absolutly hate it!

there is noone on MSN that i want to talk to and that is bumming me out, cuz i mean it is way too late to call any of my friends. so i am just going to sit her silently listening to my whispers and i wait for my salvation --aka Viva La Bam
as you can see i ha ve vhaned the profile-y thingy bit to my site, I got the idea from this picture that my cousin sent me. it had that type of layout on it and well i played around and ended up with that. i know it doesn't really fit with the theme but that i cuz i am working on changing the theme.
it's not all gonna happen right away. but in time it shall. slowly.
so hopefully you like it
and as for the quote part. if you leave a comment that i like or just have any quotes that you want me to put up there feel free to put them in a comment and i shall add them up!


well i think that i am gonna header and go on my LJ for a bit.

so have a good one

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