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Friday, September 29, 2006

   stoked and waiting

Dear Friends,

hey there you guys, i am ABSOLUTLY STOKED!
i just found out that there is gonna be a school dance next month, but that is not the part that is getting me stoked. the part that has me all excited is that we are allowed to invite people that don't go to the school to the dances!
see at my old school you were never allowed to do that, and so now i am really really excited!! i can't wait! it shall be soo much fun.
the only problem is that you are ol=nly allowed to invite one person. and there are so many people that i really really wanna invite. so not i have a problem to deal with, which i do'nt want to deal with.
but the thing is i'm just so happy that i can't invite on person that i don't really care. it is just gonnna be a tough task to find the person that i am gonna pick
wow i just typed this really really fast and that makes me super happy woot!
well that is about it for me.
i think that i am gonna go now.


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