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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

   I'm Waiting For A Beautiful Boy To Save Me...

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys,
it's been sucha long time since i was last one,
but i have some really good news!
i'm back!
the only thing is that i probably won't be on as much because homework and everything else is really getting to me,
it has only been i think 3 weeks into school and i am already failing
i'm really sad about that, and i really wanna do good, so i am gonna have to be hittin' the books for math all of this semester.
the same will go for the next one too cuz i have social and science.. which are some of my worse classes.

well seeing as i am all moved in and everything, things are going better...
i still miss everyone back home.. but ya know i'm getting used to it. slowly.

i really hate it here
okay, so i don't hate it i have friends but still it sucks soo much!

my cousin called me during the first week and see was so nice, she was like " you know that you can always call me, i love you. your my little sister that i never had. So yeah call me more often, i really miss talking to you" i have no clue what i would do with out santana. i would probably die.. and i really really mean that

during the first 2 weeks i didn't want to make friends cuz i was scared that i would end up liking the people at the school and that was something that i deffinitly didn't want.
but yeah i have gotten friends tho they are not as cool as my other ones. and i don't think that i will ever find friends that cool.
i really really mean that!
so to all of you guys on here and to all of you guys who are my bestest buddies offline ( you should know who you are cuz there are only like 8 of you)


i really really mean that. i don't know what i would do without you guys!

well i gotta go and get ready for school..
so have a good one all of you guys..
and thanx for visiting my site while i was gone, it means soo much to me!

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