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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Dear Friends,

well hey there,
i am her evisiting my dad at the moment so thatis why i have internet
and i thought that seening i have nothing to do today, i figured that i would site here and write about my vacation...
so brace for a verylong post

so i spent time with my cousin and had a blast, i love her, she is liek my sister, she tells me everything and i do the same. we hung out in her basment all day drinking green tea pop and everyso offten we would go out and buy ourselves a litre of chocolate milk and get that down within minutes.
we spent most of the day on the comp or listeing to her play guitar and sing some of her new songs, there is ont that i absolutly love, justbe cause of this one verse that is like

"and people ask me why i look past them when they speak, and why i'm always looking at my feet
so i tell them that i get distracted easily and the stains on my shoes just happen to get the best of me"

so yeah that is what we did, then i went to my other aunts and hung out there for 2 weeks and went on one of the most fantastic road trips

we went through idaho and washington and then went to these sand dunes and got to take rides, i have to say that it was amaizing, even thought i got about 10 mouth fulls of sand and my bad still has some in it

next we went to california and went to wild waters, i had a blast there, tho i was so selfconsious, i mean here is me in a fricking bikini which i never ever worn in public cuz i hate the way that my body looks and i have pople staring at me

i mean i don't absolutly hate my body...
i've got short stubby fngers and toes, long hair, smallo boobs but hey i like what i see, just not in a bikini
and to make it even worse i had the brightest one at the park, mine is the OP rainbow stripped one and well yeah...

but anyways i got better, i have having too much fun to give a shit what people thought of me so yeah i had fun

then after that we went to Carlsbad...i don't know if i spelt that right.. but anyways and there we did a TON of shopping
and it was all at the PacSun stores so i have like 4 new belt buckles and 2 new belts 10 pairs of shorts 20+ t-shirts and a new wallet
oh and 3 new pairs of chucks!
so i am happy about that

we went to lego land and had fun. i was playing with the lego that they have in the stations and my little cousins are looking at me liek WTF?
ha ha ha it was fun

then we went to SIN CITY!!! i had so much fricken fun there,
i love lasvegas it's soo pretty, i love allof the lights and everything that they have there, it is absolutly awsome and everything!

i went andsaw the KA Cirque du Soleie show and it was FANTASTIC i didn't want the show to end and i just loved it! in every way possible . i was captivated by everything the stage was wonderful and the music...i loved it!

i went and bought the CD and a poster so i was pretty happy then we didi some more shopping, i rode the rollercoaster at the New York New York and went to the adventure dome and that was about it and we headed back home to alberta


then i came back home and yesterday hung out with friends. it ws the most fun i have had in a while, and i really really mean that,
i mean the whiole time while i was on vacation i missed my friends soo much, i got really home sick and there was one night where i actually cried myself to sleep because of it

but now that i am back home i am beyond happy! yesterday was awsome! i went to my elementary school and hung out with MOONOFDARKNESS and waited for SUMMERBABY10 and FRIEDCHOCOBO and SUMMERBABY'S little sister to come. it was pretty funny cuz they were all J walking and my frieds mom is a patrol leader and he hates it when people J walk so we all got a lecture but she loves me, so it doens't matter
it was funny as hell tho,i do have to say that.
after that we just sat in my basment and fooled around till KITTYKATANGEL and SARD got there, then after that we went to dairy queen.. and spent about an hour there. then we decided that we would go to a park that is by MOONOFDARKNESS' house but when we got there it was gone, so then we decided to go to another park about 4 blocks away. but SARD had to go home so we all went and walked her home.

there we played with sidewalk chalk and i got colored, my right arm was a green-blue and my other arm was pink ^^, it was much fun.. my clothes are now all covered up with chalk and dirt but i don't care. so yeah then i walked back home with SUMMERBABY10 and FRIEDCHOCOBO and bell and my little bro and we all just sat of the front step talking for a bout 20min waiting for SUMMERBABY'S mom to come and pick them all up.

after that i did nothing i just sat home droning out with the sounds of the TV and nya, working on my NEXOPIA site and that was about it,
and now yeah i really should be studying for my learners i go to take the test on friday, wish my luck
sorry for hte long post
i love you all

Have a good one

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