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Monday, July 10, 2006

   Smurfs Are Asexual!

Dear Friends,

well herro there!
i am somewhat back.. bu not really...
i kinda went POOF there did i not?
well oh well i am some what back, and i think that that is all that matters!
so i am here at my grandma's and nothing is really new.
i don't have any friends where she lives... so i am a loner, but i have my auntie leanne and my uncle mike to fix my problem of boredom...
and i still can't spell!
so nya.. i am thinking of a theme change. more alone the lines of Donnie Darko this time,
what do you guys think?
yeah.. i watched it again and i really realized how much i liked it.. cept for the evill bunny...
frank is creepy i must say that..
well so that this post goes much better i shall state the thingys that i did in order!!!

i went to my cousin graduataion and i have to say that she looked awsome! never ever seen here in a dress till that day, and she look the only word that comes to mind is well awsome. lol you can tell i have a limited vocabulary ha ha ha ha

then i went to her dry grad NOW THAT WAS RAD!
there were all of these inflateable things like the bunjee run and a boxing ring and sumo outfits and a inflatable obstical course!!
so me an my cousin went in the boxing ring and were plaaying and it was RAD then it was like 3am and we all climbed in to the ring and went to sleep
there were like 15 of us crammed into an astro jump. then there were the prizes!!!
and it was halarious cuz my cousin friends Clayton and Korban were obsessed with this ugly poka-dot china! they were screaming PICK THE FINE CHINA then it turned in to PICK THE FINE GINA!
i have to say that it was halarious!

then i went and stayed with my cousin for a week and we had fun, went and saw THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and i am amazed to say that it was a FANTASTIC movie, there one guy in there who plays the boyfriend has the most beautiful eyes that i have ever seen! they are this bluish-greenis-grey with gold around the pupil! when they did close up shots i was like OMFG HE IS SO HOT
lol yeha.. i am a nred!!

theni went to some parties with my cousin and got to watch people get drunk, that was one of the highlights of my summer so far, and well now i am at my grandma's place and nothing eciting is happening here.. cept for this is where i w atched donnie darko!
well i guess that i should get you guys go, this post is getting pretty long
hope you guys are having a good summer


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