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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

   well hey there, i am back with a bruise on my knee and a sore spot on my back!!!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys
*hugs you all*
i am back from Mid's Really eaarly birthday party!
and i do have to say that it was a blast!
i got a water balloon chucked at my back as hard as Caylobe could throw it, and well i do have to say that it hurt like a little bitch
then i got totally soaked...
it was quite funny tho,
then i broke Friedchocobo's glasses so nya.. i felt bad about that
i always have to break something when ever i go over to someone's house, it is like this curse that follows me around constanly
*nods then sighs*
oh well i guess that i am just gonna have to get used to it
so yeah, the part was much fun
and well i have taken my Math and Science finals and i do have to say that they were every meh,
the math one i found really really hard and the science one was okay

so now i just have one exam left
tomorrow i get to go rollerblading with a bunch of friends and then later that night it is the grad dance
so i am gonna slow dance on fast songs and fast dance on slow songs
i'm really hopeing that they play Mr. Brightside by the Killers
so then i can actually dance to it
i haven't danced to tht song in what seems lie forever
so yea.. then after that it is awards day then SCHOOL IS OVER
but then i am leaving and i probably won't be comming back on for about a month and a half,

i'll try to sneak on from time to time
but yeah, if i don't i just wanted to let you guys know why i will be gone for so long



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