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Saturday, June 24, 2006

   herro there

Dear Friends,

soyeah, guess that i havne't really been keepin up with postin and stuff like i said that i would, but i am trying i really am!
i visited everynone that updated today, at least till this point
so if i didn't get to you i'm very sorry

well today i am stoked cuz guess what?
it shall be much fun, there shall be a water balloon fight
and that makes me very very happy,
so yeah
the party is for Mid and it shall be soo much fun, at least i think that it will,
everyone shall be there,
and it shall be a total blast,
i will be very very very hyper as usual

well my exams have been going really well,
i have found them so easy,
i don' tknow why i was so worried about them
so hopefully i do get good marks cuz if i didn't i would be very very MAD!
and then i would be very sad

well yesterday i almost got lost in downtown, which was really fun, then i went and regestered for high school
lol i am gonna be taking 2 phsycology classes for the entire year,
which i think would be cool
then i am also taking a legal studies class
cuz the teacher is really cool, or so i hear
my mommy thinks i'm crazy for taking those classes in grade 10 but hey i have wanted to take them for a whiel so why not take them in high school right?

well nya...
i went shoppin yesterday as wlel and i saw a girl who i havne't seen for like a year
we didn't talk or any thing, i was just saw her lol
i'm such a stalker

well yeah have a good weekend you guys



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