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Thursday, June 22, 2006

day that i cried my guts out and studied like MAD

Dear Friends,

well herro there,
i am not dead. no i am most deffinetly not!
sorry that i haven't been posting alot, but thigs have been realy hectic
with Exams and getting ready to move and then planing for my cousins grad' things have been going really fast, i think that i would even have to say that they are beginning to go alittle to fast for me
well yesterday i was a wreck,
it was Yearbook signing,
and i'm so sad, cuz were all spliting up, and like all the people that i have become really good friends with this year, i won't ever be able to keep in contact with pretty much,
so it sucks
*kicks imaginary can*
then people started crying, so i started crying, and that was the last thing that i wanted to have happen.
so yeha, i was a werck,
but i got a total of 29 people to sign my Yearbook
then i still need to get more people to sign it later today,
see today i have an EXAM
*insert DUNDUNDUN here*
it is my stupid English exam,
not that i don't like english, it is my fave class,
but i just dono't like exams i mean who does?
but anyways,
well i'm sorry that i haven't been getting to sites latley,
please don't take me offf yer lists!!!
i will get back on later like after the summer more often
cuuz once the 29th is come and gone, i shall be so busy!
i'm sorry
*hugs for all*



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