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Friday, June 16, 2006

   100 facts about me.. i was bored okay?

Dear Friends,

so here i am sittin' at my Comp, it is 10:10pm on thrusday july 15th
and i am bored outta my mind, so i thought that i would post 100 useless facts about my self,
igot the idea from my cousins site!
*hugs Santana*
and post a thumbelina picture...
it is my current obsession!

1. My favorite colors are Army Green and Lime Green.
2. Santana is the Raddest Cousin Evar!
3. I am afraid of the dark
4. I love thunderstorms, i don't know why, but there is something that just feels so well great about them
5. I have a buddy who's Middle name is Thateous...that is as RAD as any middle name is gonna get
6. I HATE homophobic people!
7. I've never tried smoking or drugs and don't really have any interest in trying. It's not that i have a thing against drugs, it is that i have a thing against the monster that you change into when you are one them
8. One of my fave movies ever is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
9. I hate frootloops they are gross
10. I'm very sentimental
11. I dream of becoming a writer one day
12. i can never write a happy ending, because that just isn't the way that life is.
13. I love rollercoasters
14. I prefer talking to people face to face were emotions are present
15. I'm crying as i am typing this
16. i hate heights
17. I am a girl who still believes in Happily Ever Afters, even tho i know that they never happen
18. I live on a diet of Faerie tales
19. My idea of the perfect day is spending it with my closest friends and family doing nothing but just having a good time
20. If i don't like you right off the bat, i probably will never like you
21. I'm sentimental
22. I wish that i could be perfect
23. I believe in faeries will all of my being
24. I hate the word UBER
25. The past 3 years of my life has been the best ones
26. I am a basketcase, say or do the wrong thing and i'll breakdown
27. I used to get picked on all the time in grade 4
28. I hate being really shy when i first met people
29. I am the worlds biggest crybaby
30. I love my friends and family more that they will ever know
31. I HATE valentines day
32. I currently hate MSN
33. I think that Death Cab For Cutie is one of the most amazin' bands in the world
34. I have an addiction to the Internet
35. I hate changes
36. I would reather die then have never been able to meet all of the people that i have met
37. I like someone who doesn't even know that i exist
38. I Love my retard emoticon
39. I have to pee really badly
40. There are only a handful people in the world that i actually trust
41. I don't want summer vacation to come
42. I am a person who believe in romance, tho you would never know it
43. I absolutly LOVE flowers
44. Chris Angel is the most amazing person EVER
45. I love the rain, it is the only thing that really calms me down.
46. I have the worst Moodswings in the world
47. I hate all sports but wrestling
48. I could be better in school, only if i actually worked
49. I love attention
50. I am currently really depressed
51. I love the smell of grass
52. I hate the taste of blood
53. I hate horror movies
54. I'm sad cuz i'm getting split up from Nigel and Thate(Mark), the most amazin' people ever
55. I am one of the most perverted people that i know
56. I think that my friends are the coolest people in the world
57. I am paranoid
58. I have never been on a date.
59. The Only guys that have ever liked me were a stalker and a guy i met off the net ( i swear to god he was a pedophile)
60. I want a cat that i can name Nev
61. I don't deserve the people that i have gotten to know.
62. I used to be suicidal
63. I think it is really creepy when people say that their cousin(ect) are hot
64. I wish that my mother and father were still together
65. I hate being short
66. Love is watching someone die
67. I cry everytime i finish a book.
68. My little brother is a pain in the ass but i still love him
69. My little cousin Tristan is just about as cool as you can get
70. Hospitals scare me, the feelin' of death is too much to handel
71. Bad luck loves me
72. I wish that i could help everyone that had problems
73. I don't want to move, cuz that would meanthat i would have to make new friends and i fear that if i do that, i may lose the ones that i already have
74. I hate dressin' up
75. I love compliments, and yet i hate them at the same time
76. I want to hug everysingle person that i talk to ona daily basis, but i don't want them to think that i am a loser, so i don't.
77. I do care about what people say about me, tho i try not to.
78. I hate being so selfconsious
79. I still hate MSN
80. I am addicted to quizes
81. Q and X are my favortie Letters
82. Little kids are the best!
83. I love piano music, there is something about it that makes it so much better than other stuff
84. I admire anyone that has musical talent, especially if you can play the Piano, cuz well i can't and i only wish that i could.
85. Kingdom hearts is my favorite vidoe game
86. I'm a book worm
87. I believe more in faerie tales that i do real life,
88. I would rather be on the computer, in my room by myself or with my friends rather than anywhere else.
89. I don't wanna move
90. My fave dessert is PIE
91. I could eat Macarroni and Cheese everyday if i had to
92. I love to write about messed up girls with addiction in warper worlds
93. Alice in wonderland is liek the best movie ever!
94. I am addicted to Thumbelina, the concept of her finding her Prince of the flowers, is one makes me wonder about everything
95. I hate sock...I think that they are weird
96. I hate wearing a swinmsuit
97. I still love winnie the pooh!
98. The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy is the best show evar
99. I wish i was talk like my other cousins
100. I will probably like you unless you are one of the things that i hate.. but even then, i probably still will liek you lol cuz i am just that special XP

well there you have it
alot of it was really really random and what i was doing at the moment.. so yeah...
sorry if it creeps you out

Yayz for my current obsession!!!!



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