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Thursday, June 15, 2006

well hey there, i haven't posted in like forever eh?

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys, sorry that i haven't been to sites latley..
i have been somewhat outta it latley
but i shall try to work on fixin' that
i promise!!!!
well i just finished reading one of the best books ever!
it is called Rose and the Beast,
i absolutly love it,
the writing is beautiful, and you can't help but get into the book and the stories and the characters.
so it is just a bunch of faire tales retold but na it is still really good nonetheless.
the last story was soo good, i got really into it and in the end, i started crying.. lol i fished the book on the bus but i held it in till i got off.. then i wa a mess....
that is whyi shouldn't read good books, i get to attached to the characters in them
and it is not good
well yeah.. so i have been obbsessin' over Thumbalina(sp?)
latley..don't ask me why
i have been gettin in to movies liek that once again...
cuz i am a loser
well i also and gettin into beauty and the beast
but i mean you can't help but not love that movie!!
lol or maybe i am just a geek
so yesh...
well i think that i am gonna go at least for now, i shall try to post tomorrow.. wait no i am going to my dads... so i shall try to post on sunday the...


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