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Friday, June 9, 2006

   WARNING: LONG POST!!!// my day at grade 9 farewell

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guyz,
i realized that i havne't posted what happened during my Grade 9 farewell, so get ready, cuz i am gonna post it Right here and Right NOW!
BTW, i'm very sorry for not getting to alot of sites latley...
i haven't gotten on MyO since i last posted and nya,
i shall try to visit yer sites more!

so the day started off with us in the gym, and I was a candel Lighter lol which i was shocked to find out, i mean i am the biggest klutz in the world so flame and me don' tquite mix lol
then we watched apower point and in it there is a pic of me and jon and i am bent over and making this face and jon is like "wtf?" and i have a thought bubble that says "I Am Such A Loser (ha ha h) DUH"
then well there is another one of me and my TA (homeroom) and i am bent over so that Sholagan looks liek she is pushing me down and using my head as a rest for her elbow

then we all pilled on the buses and went to Jesus Christ Superstar
so on the bus we are riding and i'm taking pictures of all of theses people that i am never gonna see again and well it was a BLAST!
then we get off the busses and notice that there is a bus of Seniors coming, so we all started calling Old people who we would push over >_<;;
it was soo much insane fun *dances*
while that was happening Fred undid his Tie, and he couldn't do it back up, so i had a good laugh about that for like 10 min (yeah i am easily amused ^_^)
then we all got inside and found our seats *dances*
it was much fun!!
so we all got in our seats talked with people then we went to eat at the buffet!
i ate 4 plates!
*dances* and after that i topped it off with a Lime Margarita (sadly it was Virgin)
so yeah..
then JCS started!
i thought that it would be really stupid but it was soo good,
the guy that played Judas was SO HOT!
it was awsome, and to make things better he had a really good voice, harsh but good nonetheless!
so during intermission i watalkin g to my buddy Mark and i grabbed his shoulder and he goes and grabs my wrist and he broke my glow in the dark braclet!
it made me so very sad,
and it was really Akward cuz this guy kept staring at the two of us, then he would laugh then stare some more...so i was really creeped out *nods*
then Mark went and drank this thing that this guy Liam had made, and i guess this guy Justin spit in it and well Mark didn't know so he drank it lol
it was quite EWW, at least that is what i think, Mark went and like cleaned his Tounge about 6 times lol i felt really bad!
then we watched te rest and went to the lounge to waste an hour and a half!
it was soo much fun, it was full of picture taking, Brad and Sean humping each other while Brad's girlfriend Maddi just laughed as well as the teachers
and soo much more, phone number exchanging and such
she is the girl that left school in Febuary i believe, and now she goes to the same school as Fried Chocobo
so yesh, it was much fun.
then on the bus ride home it was AMAZING!
this guy Braden took out a condum and blew it up and we played Volley Ball with it then it got thrown out a window and a car ran it over
it was much fun, then "Listen To Your Heart" by DHT was playing on the radio and we all started singing, then "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada( or whatever ) Started playing and we all sang to that, Then a song by Rex Goude started playing and i made up actions!
it was pretty insaine if i do say so myself lol
so that was my day on the 7th!

yesterday was soo much fun too!
i get to school and i see that my buddy Richard isn't wearing shoes, so i was liek WTF?
and well yeah.. it was funny, it turns out that he had Rollerbladed to school and forgotten his Shoes lol and i though tthat i was like the only person who has done that
then we wen't outside for gym and it was raining, and so well me and my buddy Steph were out in the rain and then nya. we roofed a ball and almost roofed another, i hit a car
so yeah.. the we go to get changed and steph wrings out her pants and we left this huge puddle of water in the middle of the floor
it was soo much fun!

so yesh... that has been what the past couple of days has been like
please forgive me



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