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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

wow, i have been gone for a little bit haven't i?

Dear Friends,

wel hello there you guys i am back
well today is my Grade 9 Farewell....majigger
and i shall be gone till like 600pm which is really coolie
my buddy has a boyfriend now
tee hee hee
we are all gonna go and crash her date, it should be soo much fun
tee hee hee
i dont think that she minds..i hope that she doesn't mind.
i mean that would be bad...
idon't tknow..
well anyways here isa recap of the week so far
Monday -- i had Nick steal my seat so i was forced to sit on his lap >///>, I came back to see my seat was taken and i told him to scoot and he said NO so i kept telling him to move, then he was liek just sit on my Lap, lol so i jumped on and i'm like warning incomming fat ass! then he was like JUST DON'T FART LMFAO

tuesday--had sex-ed class and almost pissed myself laughing when i heard a story that one of my friends told me about a really popular girl who passes out everytime she uses a Tampon...which is all the time >_>

so yeah.. i need to go and get ready for school now

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