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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

   hey there, a am really really really bored.

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys
i'm really sorry that i may have creeped out some of you guys yesterday with that post
i couldn't help it tho, i just had to put it up cuz i thought that it was halarious!
i am really sorry, especially to Ran
LMFAO, i do hav eto say that he comment you left tho, gave me a good laugh

well today in school was boring
and it was a pain in the ASS
on the buss ride home i found out that everyone that is going to the Semi-Formal Grade 9 Grad dance has a date,
so yet agoin i shall be a lose rin the corner wif my buddy Caylobe
it shall be much fun, lol bardgin in on people while they are dancing

am am such a loser
well yeah...
taht is pretty much all that happened today...
i am gonna go visit sites now.. then on on WDX



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