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Friday, May 5, 2006

   i wish i could open my eyes and see all directions at the same time, what a beautiful view

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys,
i didn't update yesterday, cuz well i couldn't remember any thing that had happened than, when i did there was no point in posting
so yesh..
today was much fun
i got those ICE BREAKER mints squirted into my eye by Curtis DAMN HIM
i couldn't see, so i kept slapping him, then he slapped me back, so we had a slap fight
it was soo much fun, and it was soo funny cuz i slapped him really hard one time and well, you could see the hand print
I WAS LIKE OMFG I'M SOO SORRY, then he goes and slapps me back, so i wasn't that sorry,
then we had LOUD LUNCH!!!!!!!
OMFG it was soo amazing!
there about 4 school bands (like garage bands) and they preformed and i do have to say that the best one was Freds group, called
remember that name, cuz i swear that one day they are gonna be famous, i kid you not
*nods then dances*
but it was soo much fun cuz Liam, Curtis, Coltin and Alex started this mosh pit!
and i was just about to jump in, but then sadly they got in trouble
so then they started crown surfing!
it was soo amazing!
but then, they got introuble yet again,
but none the less i had a BLAST
then sadlt i had to go to CTS
and well i had to hand in this project
it is soo stupid, you have to do a play on words but turnit into something that has to do with food,
and i do have to say that my thing is pretty pro, even it i am not done it,
lol i'll show you it when i am done

so my auntie and cousins are comming today which is coolie, my little cousin tristan has a JUDO comp.
and well he is amazing,
if i am correct he is the best in his age group in the whole province!
and that is amazing! seeing as the kid only weights 76 pounds!
he is a flippin' shrimp

so yesh, i am gonna go on the WDX boards now
and check on sites,
so have a good weekend


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