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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

SHMELLO, lmfao ha ha ha umbrelly

Dear Friends,

well hey there,
today was soo much fun, in math class we went out side to hang out for a abit, and Richard was outside playing soccer with his Gym class, so we were all out side and my teacher Mr. Buckie was like, "co mingling between grade 7's and 9's is not good"
so then my buddy JON runs up to richard flips him onto his back, then runs him to the other side of the feild,
i'm trailing behind laughing my ass off at all of the werid sounds richard is making
it was soo amazing
the i found out that Richard is gonna cosplay as LEON at the anime convention
and that Bella is cosplaying as Kairi,
so yesh.. it should be much fun

so yeah.. that was my day..
it was funny,
more happened, but i can't remember lol

so yeah. .i hsall go visit sites and do HW



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