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Monday, May 1, 2006

Music Monday was a pain the the ARSE!!

Dear Friends,

well as you can see i changed my theme,
it was really close between the two of them, but Kingdom Hearts 2 won by 1 flippin' point.
so yeah.. this is what i came up with in about minute..
it took a phone call to my step bro the Comp wiz.. but now i am done.. tho i think that i might get Sholagan to make me a new BG, she said that she would, and all i had to do was send her the pics..so i think that is what i am gonna do..
so that should be ready.. by the next time i talk to her lol
well today was a drag.. we had to go outside to do this MUSIC MONDAY thingy..
it was a pain in the ARSE
tho we wanted to start a mosh pit outside.. but noone else whanted to..
which made me sad..
soo.. yeah..
that is about it for what happened to me..
nothing Exciting..
so i think that i shall leave...


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