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Sunday, April 30, 2006

   running around searching for a belt, which is REALLY hard! meeting up with an old buddy all while trying to stay under my budget of 40 bucks!

Dear Friends,

Well hello there!
Last night was funny, cuz I couldn’t get over the fact that in last night’s episode of Case Closed they had Canadian money lol
it said Canada on it and I was like WHOA!
And I couldn’t get over that the whole night…
I need to get a life lol
But I found it really amazing all of last night…
You know yer cool when!
(That is another story, that I shall not get into…all I can say is fun times in Mr. Nicks class with Joey, Ashleigh and Cassie)

Today was so much flippin’ fun!
I woke up at like 6:15am and played Kingdom Hearts till like 11am
I just did random shit and went around to all of the levels trying to get all of the missions done… so that I can get the secret ending…
Then I ate and talked to peoplez on the Phone
And ran around the house screaming PALOOKA and how I was going to buy all I could at Ota-fest (which isn’t till like 2 weeks from now)
As you guys know, I ended up going to the mall with SummerBaby10 and well I had a BLAST!
It was so much fun! It was insane!
First off we went to the Market mall and well let me tell you that is a flippin’ prep mall, everything they have there is soo stupid! I disliked it a lot, but it was funny, cuz while there I saw my buddy CLAIRE, so that made me happy, then to top things off we saw JOHN LMFAO
Ha ha ha ha ha ha TRAFIC LIGHT CENTRAL,
So then.. I didn’t find what I was looking for at market mall, so then me and SummerBaby10 decided that we were gonna go to a mall that was on the other side of the city
So we were waiting for SummerBaby10’s parents to pick us up and I ended up seeing MICKEY!

Which makes me happy, because I haven’t seen her for about a whole year now
So I talked t her for a little bit, and then SummerBaby10’sparents came and they gave us a ride,
Then at the other mall we went and bought a BELT and SILVER HAIR SPRAY! Lmfao ha ha ha, so yeah…
SummerBaby10 bought a Air Gun and it was soo much fun!
We were trying so hard to build it for like about 15 minutes, but sadly we were not getting anywhere! It made me soo sad
Then when we were waiting for SummerBaby10’s parents yet again to pick us up, we had the most amazing idea for a movie!
It had to deal with us not getting a spot on the benches out side
The original concept for the movie was going to be called
“2 benches 2 people”
But then we decided that that wasn’t going to do, so then we decided on
“2 benches for hands” then “2 benches 8 limbs” then “2 benches 3 lungs”
lmfoa ha ha ha
So then I was like WHAT? Wouldn’t it be 4 lungs and it was soo funny cuz SummerBaby10 was like “OH YEAH!!”
It was flippin’ amazing!
Then in the car we finished building the gun and SummerBaby10 and I were shooting her mom, her dad and each other on the way to my house.
It was much fun
Also while SummerBaby10 and I were at the mall, I was secretly on the look out for HER GIFT!!!
Seeing as it shall be her 14th birthday on Tuesday!
Sadly I have yet to find it yet… but I shall. Or else I am screwed!

Well at the moment I am watching Mad Hot Ballroom, and it’s not really my type of movie… it’s more of a documentary, but my mommy likes it so yeah… I am “watching” it with her
Well the movie is almost done and the kids actually won the competition, which I think is FABULASTIC!!
Yuppers that is my new word!
God I’m such a loser lmfao but I like it!
*Dances like a loser*
Well tomorrow… I guess that I shall be on the comp, working on some Language Arts homework that I need to finish…
Then I shall be sitting on my but playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and watching Walk The Line, I absolutely love that movie! It is just so amazing!
And who would have thought that Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix could actually sing! I never would have, I know that I wouldn’t have.
I’m really starting to get in to Johnny Cashes music lately… I dun know why but I am.
So yeah…
I’m watching Brokeback Mountain at the moment cuz the other movie is over
Well yesh…
I think that I shall leave this at that... and let you guys go on and read further on and so on and so forth
i hope you guys all have good days



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