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Thursday, April 27, 2006

   hanging out with my cousins, rocking out with death cab, laughing aas my buddy burns here face, and laughing while my other buddy gets locked outside his house, and getting kicked outta the corral! LAST NIGHT ROCKED

Dear Friends,

well hey there!
last night was awsome!
i went to the Death Cab FOr Cutie concert and i do have to say that it was flippin' awsome!
well the day started out with me and Summerbaby10 hanging out at school, waiting for my mom to pick us up and give us a ride to the corral center, where the concert was taking place,
so after she picked us up and we went there, we kinda got lost
yeah.. it was funny!
so then i met up with my cousins and their friends an d well i got this sweet green T-shirt that has a city scape and it has DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE written on it, and so i was pretty much stoked for the concert to start!
then the opening Band The Cribs played and i have to say I LOVED THEM!
they were soo SWEET
then came Death cab!
i was pretty much flippin' out and i went insane!
lolz during one of the songs Summerbaby10 burn herself with he lighter
it was soo funny!
and yeah...
then we ended up calling friedchocobo during the set change for Frandz and well it was funny.. i could hear a thing that he was saying
lolz the conversation was pretty much
"can you hear me now?"
it was pretty rad,
then when Frandz was playing i got pissed cuz all of these people stood up and seeing as i am soo short
(i'm only 5'2")
i couldn't see a damned thing!
it pissed me off soo much!
then at the end of the concert me and everyone else was gonna wait by Death Cab's trailers and wait for them to come out, even tho we knew that the chances of that happening were slim to none, then right after me and Summerbaby10 left THEY CAME OUT AND MY COUSINS GOT THEIR SHIT SIGNING BY THEM!
and my cousin phones me up and is like
"yer gonna poo yer pants"
so i was like
lol yup, she said she would try to get me Ben's Autograph tho
*dances* i would be soo happy if she did!
you have no idea how mother trucking happy i am right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*jumps up and down and spins around!*
well yeah.. here is a pick of Death cab.. if you don't know who they are

i lub them soo much!!!!!!!!

well today is my first year on here!
this is amazing, well at least it is for me. lolz i have never been on a thingy for more than a year!
it makes me feel soo special!
yeah.. i am a NREd lmfao ha ha ha
i mean to spell it that way
and shwell yeah.. i'm soo tried
couldn't sleep last night
i was too excited well i think that i am gonna go for now


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