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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

   hey there...getting pissed off at a girl in class.. getting yelled at by my step dad and just chillin' talking to a girl that hates me ^_^

Dear Friends,

well hey there,
today was... interesting to say the least
i am currently supper pissed off at a a girl that has a site one here, but i shall be nice and not mention who... she goes to my school that is all the i am saying about who it is. well yeah.. cuz yesterday she took my math book then didn't give it back, so i didn't get to do the homework, then my frined goes and askes her to copy the notes and she gives them to her but is like, " don't let roiben use them cuz she noever does anything"
and i was like WTF
i was sooooooooooo MAD!
i wanted to beat her face in.. but i didn't tho at the time i really wish that i had
so yeah..
i'm mad at her now! it pisses me off cuz i mean she is only friends with people (most of the time) because she can get something outta them and it is driving me nuts! and i mean there are times when she is okay and not a complete and total B*itch, but those times don't make up for the rest
so as you can tell i am really mad about that, but i am reallly hyper too!
lolz today iin TA (homeroom) i was talking with Richard and i broke him!
lmfoa ha ha haha
i did this thing where i put my hands up and said " Bang Bang" in a really weird voice, and he turned bright red and started laughing!
lolz it was ooo funny, cuz he almost colapsed on the ground he was laughing so hard
so i'm sitting there laughing as well and then he stops so i do it again and then he started laughing again lol and he didn't stop for like 10 min so i was running around the class like
"Oh shit i broke richard"
lolz it was soo much flippin' fun!
then in Social we were outside, doind DPA (daily physical activity)
and he was ouside in Gym and they were playing Soccer, so he was in Net and i kept distracting him everytime so that Summerbaby's little sister's team could get the goals lol and it was soo funny, cuz he kept getting really mad
and then i was like OH common play better than that, lol and he was liek Yer Distracting me it's yer fault
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
it was amazing!

oh yeah!
i just wanted to say
Moonofdarkness, midnightgirl, sholagan, summerbaby10 and friedchocobo
so yesh!
i can't believe that you guy have all been on laonger than a year.. heck i cn'at be lieve that in a few day i will have been on for a year, to me that is just mind bogglin'
well yeah.. i think that i a gonna take my leave now.. and run a couple of alps around the house to burn off all of this extra energy that i have at the moment
it shall be much fun!!!!!
i hope that you guys all have a good day.. or are goning too... lol i dunno the time zones well
so yeah....



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