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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

shmello there ma friends

Dear Friends,

hey there
i am soo sorry that i wansn't able to get to anyones sites yesterday!

well yeah i shall make it ot everyone's site to day or i shall at least try
i shall
you have my word!

well yeah.. humm today was full of

weird events
this kid brad won't lend me FFAC
cuz he is a butt and he has 6 copies!
*kicks him*
then yeah.. so nowz i am the sad
and i am moving at the end of the school
i don't wanna move
but then again
i am getting away from ma step dad who i hate
eversoo much
and well

oh i think i totalyy bombed the Math test that we had today
math is not ma strong point
and well
i know that i am passing my worst class which is social
so i am happy!

well yeah i gotta get to your sites

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