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Sunday, November 13, 2005

never get into someone's side car cuz once you do you are automatically their bitch!

Dear Friends,

kk well
firsst of all i would like to thank everyone who left a comment yesterday!
that was the most comments that i have
thanx soo much you guys!

next i have more homework that i was wonderinf if you guys could help me with......
kk if soo please answer these questions for me
thanxs soo much
you guys have no idea how much i appreciate this!
remember that all of these questions are for
scarves and gloves.

1 Would you buy more then 1 of this(if so how much would you get)?

2 How much would you pay for this item 1 being the least and $10 being the most?

3 Who would you buy this for?

4 Would you buy this (why or why not)?

5 What would you rate the this on a scale from 1-5?

6 What do you like about this item?

7 What would you change about the item?

thanx soo muxh you guys!!!
kk well i saw chickne little
and i loved it
soo fluffy
and cute!
yeah.. then the spice girls
the funny thing was about that me and a bunch of the other girls in ma class were sinnging that exact song in the change room on thrusday..
it was cuz we were remembering all of the crappy bands we liked when we were little
good timess
good times
well yeah...
thanx soo muhx you guys once again
and now i shall go dvisist your sites!


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