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Monday, November 7, 2005


Dear Friends,

well shmello
i am sick
and i don't like it
but yeah...
well i found out that my firend is deffinetly leavaving after the christmas break
which sux
cuz i am gonna miss her
well i had to do soo many tests today!
i hated it !
and i think i did really bad on my science one

well the weekend was fun!
it was my aunts 40th birthday!
and well my mom actually let me drink
it was funny
my aunt got soo drunk!
she was on a good buzz for a bit.
then i watched Tommy Boy
and yeah....
it was funny
though i misssed the anime that was on
which sucked

humm yeah....
i have lots of homework once again!
[please note that i am joking]

and well yeah...

i'm soo sorry that i haven't gotten to things that i promised people i would and i will try to
get to them
as soon as possible
and well
i should go now

Bye-d Bye!


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