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Friday, November 4, 2005

   hey there!

Dear Friends,

well today
i am just plain mad!
i found out that one of my really good friends is Moving!
to Ontario
which is like half way acrooss the country for me!
so i am sad now.
and mad!
because she just got told out of the blue by her mom

and well yeah...
i'm still confused about the other thing and it only keeps on gettin more
and i hate it
but oh well
thanx to all of you guys how offered to help me figure some things out!
i am
great ful!

well i have soo much home work!
i have to do shop
and i have to make this poster but i don't know wat one to do..
i need a slogan for shop
but yeaj...
well i am leaving later today that is why i am posting this so early
and yeah..
i won't be back till

oh hey does any one have any ideas for wat i could do for the school business fair?
i need to make a product that i can (wif out talents) can make..
so yeah.. please i need ideas!
i am desperate!


so bye-d bye!


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