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Tuesday, November 1, 2005


Dear Friends,

lmao Last night was soo much flippin fun!
i went wif soo many people and i got this styling braclet it glows in the dark
then yeah...
i have been piggin out on candy!
lmao i must say that it has been much fun!
I also got insulted by summerbaby10'scuzin!
lmao yet another peron that says i soudn like a guy and i agree lmao
yeah... funny funny funny.....

lmaoa last night was funny..
i was really hyper wif ma power of getting hyper off of air
and then yea....
lmao there was
this girl that i went to Elementary wif and she was dressed up a Xena
and lmao! she had put her stick down and i was like make sure you have your pole and she was like yeah i have got it right here!
and the guy handing out cand was like WTF?
but yeah.....
i was a idiot as usual
and well...
i have pics!
but i shall lpost them some time laterz lmao
ohhz! there was this kid dressed as a ninja i soo wanted to stalk him but all the other peoplez were like we must get candy so i didn't get to
but i got candy!

today at school this guy Brad
wanted ma shoe so i was like okay and gave it him
lmao next thing i know he is smelling it
then he grabbs ma other shoe and shoves it in his binder!
so i had to go through
LA wif out shoes
i was sad lol

lmao but it wass soo funny!
and well humm yeahz...
*eats more candy*
yeah i have been piggin out today
ohhz tomorrow is national take yer kids to work day!
i soo wish that i could do it but ma rents are like no you have to say home
which makes me soo mad!
but anyways......


oh i hope yer halloweens were good too!


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