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Friday, October 28, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey ther sorry that ihaven't posted for a long time i have been real busy
wif home work
and such
so humm
lmao Summerbaby10's little sister acuzed me of breaking her wrist and it wasn't broken
LMAO! it was funny
she kept slapping me i don't know why though and her hand hit
ma tooth and she was like ouch! it's broken
then i guess she told her mom and her mom was like it's yer fault.
lmao cuz her mommy loves me
i feel so loved!
i asked bella is her mom hated me and she was like no she knows that yer crazy
the i was like is that y she loves me? and she said yup!

well yeah other than that nothign has happned!
so yeah....
i still have to do homework!
T,T' me ish alive and lovin it! lol ohhz halloween! yayz me ish being sushi!


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