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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Dear Friends,

lol well yeah hiya!
man this i think will be my last post till....*thinks* some time later this week or early next week.
i'm going to my dad's until sunday!
oh kk i watched
and i have to say i totally forgot just how cool teh Baron was!
this was my first time seeing it in english and i have to say that i loved all the voices that they had!
i loved how the had anne hataway(sp?)
do haru's voice!
and well yeah...
lol when i find a new kittens at my dad's i'm gonna name it after the

oh kk
you guys know how a while back i said that i might be moving right?
well it's confirmed.
i don't know exactly when iam moving and neither does my mom
all she knows is that we're moving some day and someday soon.

MoonOfDarkness i might be moving to a place that starts with an A
and it is out side of the city!
i have no problem with moving there
after all i did live the till i was like
3 i believe
and i do know people there
though they are all in their 20's and have families now...
i just hope that i don't move in the middle of the school
Cuz that would soo suck!

well yeah on to the next subject!
well humm....
yesterday i waste daway infront of the tv once again and read my brains out!
oh my cuzin got her Pure volume account approved adn now it is up there

well yeah...
lol i have been doing alot of Quizes today!
it has been fun
and well yes
i shall go off and visit your sites not



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