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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

   how many cups of sugar doe s it take to get to the moon?

Dear Friends,

How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon!?
last night was fun!
i sat a round the house in ma boxers and a t-shirt,
i wasted away infront of the tv, had yet another daily argument with my step-dad T.T
(who i don't like very much)
i Roiben ate a leaf.
yeah it was in the popcorn bowl cuz my little bro hid it from me
he was like
you don't need to gain anymore weight now do you?
i got soo mad i was like f*** off and yes i do
hey it was regular not kettle corn
i love kettle corn but regular is better
so then i found out where he hid it and it was underneath a plant in our house and i grabbed a handfull
and shoved it into my mouth and it tasted really bitter
then i pulled out this leaf
so i was spitting it out all over the carpet and stuff and i was racking my tounge wif ma fingers and
ma little bro had to clean it up
it was fun!

well yeah so wat is happeneing with you guys?
your lives have to be more interesting that mine
so yeah..
wat is new and exciting?

oh and for those who were wondering i believe that myuji is a guy
so yeah...


well hey ther i am back and adding more to this post cuz well i am really mad right now!
i went to my good friend
WolfSpeed's site and i read teh post
it's 11 daays old and i never saw it until now
so i am mad at myself for that
then i'm readin the post adn i'm mad at the poepl she talks about in it!
people can be soo mean sometimes!
i hate it!
and the thing that really worries me ish tht i haven't heard from her.
usually she'll send me an emil or something like once a week and well i hvan't gotten that
so i am worring
about it
but yeah i don't wat this happy post to go depressin like i am making it now so i will shut up.

ta ta for now


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