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Monday, October 17, 2005

back home at last!

Dear Friends,

i'm soo happy to be home!
to be back where everything is so "normal"
i my house and my home city!

but i have to leave again on thursday!
my dad is comming to take me for a couple of days
and stuff
so it should be really fun!
yes yes it should

well today i am gonna watch
The Cat Returns and InuYasha#3 (movie)
in english lkol i have yet to see either of them in english
which is really sad if you think about it

i am going through anime withdrawl cuz i haven't watched any in like a week and a half
so yeah...

first of all i would like to give a shout out to
venomous kitsune, Yaoishoujo and Magnus Lensherr
for their awsome comments!
i you guys!
and thanx to everyone for your awsome comments i loved reading them lol they were funny!

well yeah..
i have been kinda obsessed with the song
SIC Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
by Brand New

lol it's such a cool song and i love it soo mcuh lol i have listened to it like a bagillion times!
yeah it shwaz fun!

yesterday was the last day in BC and i hung out wif ma cuzin again!
lol we went over to the guy who we wanted to walk in to the deer's house and watched dogeball
and whitechicks@!
soo flippin funny!
then umm yeah i taked to peoplez on MSN
and LMAO it was soo funny
my cuzin was talking for me on MSN and my one friend thought that it was her!
Which is funny

oh my cuzin has a Myspacce account!
it's soo awsome lol
if you like EMO music you should check it oout
she posted her music
and it is awsome i shall try to find the url
YAYZ i have found it!
here it is just click here

oh umm i was wondering if you can put music up here that is from your comp and not a website cuz if soo i wanna post soo mcuh music!
especially ma cuzins!

umm but yeah.. wat else can i say...
me ish bored so i think i shall eat then watch ma movies and visit your guyses sites!
so yeahz lol
humm ohz i wanna potify pics but i'm to lazy too

oh here is a poem that i wrote
i hope that you guys like it
i have no clue why i wrote it but i did.
No Hero

Time Kills people.
no matter how strong.
no matter how powerful.
no matter how hard you believe that it won't.
for some time is too long.
for others time is too short.
for some we want time to not exist.
so that we may be able to live eternaly.
we are always wondering.
well we see those we have lost again.
it's that false hope that makes life beareable.
though we know that it will never happen.
only those who are truly lucky will be able to see that happen.
For most of us though that time shall never come.
No hero in the sky awaits for us like time has lead us to believe.
NO one awaits to whipe out scares away.
instead we move along in time.
forever wondering about our non-existant hero.
wait till out time stops.
from the day that we are born to the day that we die.
borrowed time is all that we have.
not knowing when it will end.
with the false home we leave this world thinking...
see you somewhere sometime.

well yeah i'm off to visit your sites


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