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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stuff i did!

Dear Friends,

sorry i won't be able to visit your guyses site for a wee bit okay i'm sorry!
well the stuff that happened
where the heck do i start?
well kk
i went crusin wif ma cuzin
and she made a CD and i gotz a copy and i do have to say that it
kicks ass!
i went and hung out wiht her and her friend
and umm he had this dead chopped up elk in his garage and to get in to his house you go through there
but he didn't tell thi guy that it was in there and
we were all waitin for him to walk into it
then i went to fernie
and i almost ate a whole DQ cake!
it was soo goods but i felt sooo sick!
i guess that nothing else happened
and yeah...
so i'm kinda bored right now!
oh wait some more stuff did happen!
i almost saw wallace an gromit again
thank goodness that i didn't
and humm
oi have benn playing with my aunt cat
is that not sweet!
well than yeah i ha ve pigged out and pretty much eaten my weight in chocolate
and cake
so yeah i'ts fun!
i'm sorry that i can't get to your guyses sites today
really sorry
please forgive me!
oh yeah i found out that SummerBaby10's
puppy dog had to be put down!
R.I.P Putzy!
i shall miss you !
i saw sister hodd of the traveling pants it was okay a chick flick but i guess that it was good and humm yeah..
i may not get to the com for a while longer so don't kill me kk




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