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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

   creepyness ish bad!

Dear Friends,

well hey there
this i think is gonna be my last post for a couple of days or so okay
and well humm
i'm extreamly bored at the moment!

yesterday i sat on my couch and watched the VIDEO ON TRIAL marathon!
it was soo fricken funny!

well yeahi'm starting to get creeped out by this guy that i met over the internet!
(this is the guy taht my fried started mailing)
well yeah cuz he is like asking me if i am seeing anyone!
flarg! he should mind his own damn bussiness!
but yeah......

so yeah wat is new with you guys?

oh yeah i'm one break! weet woo 2 whole weeks of relaxin!

humm ihave to go to my aunts today cuz my mom is selling this house that we use to live in
but then we moved
and she still kept the house
well yeah...
so i might get to go swimming!
and yeahz
thoguh i might have to look after my two pain in the butt cuzins!
oh teh well

humm wel on the other side.....
why is my life so boring?
well yeaz

so how was your guyses day yesterday?



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