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Sunday, October 9, 2005

hey there!

Dear Friends,

hey i'm not gone!

as you can se i changed my site but not to .hack like i said i would and the reason for that is well
it's almost halloween!
adn i love Tim burton movies! ^^
and well yeah..
plus me ish sad cuz .hack is almost over
only 2 more episodes to go!
bet yeah....
my mom got sick so we are gonna stay thoug h i think that we are leaving tomorrow dependin on her condition
well yeah.....
i was the Wallace and Gromit movie
( my little brother wanted me to go)
it was soo boring!
i fell asleep
and i'm not joking
my little bro had to pinch me to get me up!
yeah i though that it was soo stupid!
but anyways....
yeah nothign happened within the past 2 days lol i have been reading a ton
(i need to get out more)
oh and i have been writing another story
i don't really like my other one any more lol it's tooo short and choppy
but yeah
i have benn writing this other one and i'll post the first chapter
and well tell me which one you guys like better and i'll keep posting that one kk

so yeah here is the first chapter!

It starts with soft eerie chimes pulling me out of my reality and in to my subconcious. Gradually taking hold of me and carring me away to a place where I am able to be myself and play trick, upon the many unsuspecting victims that stand before me.

If this was how my dreams started I would be a girl the size of a pinky with puffs of aqua cotton candy hair. My skin would be tinted pale green like the underside of Calla Lillies. Glitter would coat my body and outline my blue eyes. Paper thing wings that would reflect the sunlight in to rainbows, through the membraines would sprout from my shoulders.

Now instead of that imagine the blazing pool of exasut lifting from the busy main streets if Redding. Me with my jet colored hair, my pale skin. My eyes outlined with heavy red eye shadow and my back free of any sprouting wings that may even think of popping up. Imagne the eerie chimes morphed into the honk-honks, screaches and the Blah-la-la-Waa-waaa's of the hustle and bustle.

Once uopn a time maybe there was the chance that I could be that green cotton candy haired faerie but now there was no chance of that ever happening. I am no longer that little girl any more who believed that her Imaginary Faerie friends wern' t imaginary and that maybe one day she too could be like them.

Life never use to be like this. I never use to be like this.

well yeahz lol taht is my new story
i don't have a title for it either
but choose which in e you liek best adn tell me then i'll keep writing that
one kk

well yeahz
my mom still seems prety sick so i don't know if were gonna go at all this week though i really want o but yeah......
i shall vist your sites now ans take my leave



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