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Friday, October 7, 2005

   last post for like a week or so....

Dear Friends,

Well Hey There!
lol i made it
I made it!
I didn't barf i didn't!
it wasn't that bad
but i saw "party ballons" >.<
and Tampons and floating "logs"
it was soo gross!
and it was like willy wonka!
there was a Chocolat river
it was fun though!
i got to paddle and i almost fell in the water!
and humm yeah it was awsome!
i had teh best boat ever!
it was me
this guy Fred
ALex and
a whole bunch of other people!
it was oo o much fun!
and well were on the boat adn we learned the banana song!
"peel bananaz peel peel bananas...Cut bananaz cut cut bananaz...Crush bananaz crush crush bananaz...Eat bananaz eat eat bananaz!"
LMAO the actions are sooo much fun!
i loved it!
it was a blast!
then we amost flipped over and we had like Bumpper Boatz!

then there was the booty bus!
LMAO! it was soo much fun!
lol then my life jacket didn't fit!

i guess that i need like childrens size butlol it' won't support my weight cuz they are made to only support 90 pounds and under and i break that by like
20 pounds!

lol so yeah it was funny!
then we got to test the quality of the water!
LMAO! it was really fun!

well yeah i keep going on and on about howw much fun my day was but how was your guyses?

and well yeah i have to go now and pack my bags!
cuz i am leaving
but sadly that means i'll miss Naruto and Inuyasha and Gundam seed(i know that it is only replays but i still love Gundam Seed ^^) and .Hack//SIGN!
that pisses me off i love .Hack
i love it
i love it
i love it !
and i saldy i shal miss it !

well yeah i shall miss you all i shall i shall!

well ihave to go now because i smell now from the treatment plant and i must take a shower after all i shalll be spending 4 butt numbing hours of pure joyus car rides!

fare Thee Well
I shall Miss Thee
but i shall be back and i can garantee that


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