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Thursday, October 6, 2005


Dear Friends,

well today i have a half day!
i got my math test back today an di got
so me ish mad!
but yeah tis my fault for not studying
humm i'm extreamly bored righ tnow

hey can some one help me by telling me how you Embed vedio onto a site.
cuz i tried and it didn't work!
i can embed music though!
i love this song!
it's called Visitor
and i got it off of Aqualad123's sitethanx!
oh! just to warn you before you listen to it it is Techno so if you dn't like Techno don't listen to it!

well yeahs! hehe i love that song! WEET WOO i love Techno too! lol
wow i never realized how far the catagories stretch for the musci i like
oh the well

well yeah i'm wondering if any one knows how to change the color of the scroll bar for my post

and well yeahz
i am leaving tomorrow for B.C.
i get to hang wiht my cool cuzin Santana
it shall be much fun!

*insert girlish screm here*
i just found out that
Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stonew Age and Death From Above 1979 are playing here in november!
i want the tickets!
i don't really care that much for
but i love Nin & DFA1979!!

oh yeah
i have to go on river watch tomorrow!
I get to go to a sweage treatment plant!
right after i eat lunch!
then i get to float down a river (which i do think will be fun)
Then i get to do all these tests on teh water and you know wat the best part of this all is?
it's gonna be like 10*C when i do this!

lol wlel yeahz i'm gonna try to have fun and i am gonna see if i can go through the treatment plant without holding my reath of barfin

wish me teh luck!

and well yeah humm that is all that i have to say for now

i must leave nad i probably won't post tomorrow
i might post on sunday it all depends when i get on the comp yeah.... i might be busy in fernie with my cuz or helpin out my auntie and uncle ^^
well yaz
until we cross paths again
so long my friends, until next time.


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