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Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Dear Friends,

wellheyza there

today i ran crosscountry
it shwaz fun!
i saw my old teacher Mr. Robinson there!
and then the grade 9 girls wone and award at my school which was awsome cuz only 11 grade9 gilrs participated and well we had the best adverage out of like 200 kids! it was awsome!!

i place d like 38th because i went with Idyosyncrasy
and she sprained her ankle and well i would fell really bad if i went on wiht out her and she like colapses half way through the race!

but yeah it was pretty good!
lol she made this comment on how she was like a car that was really fast but had crappy gas milage
(cuz she is really fast when she sprints)
and how i was liek a truck
cuz i can't run fast but i can' run far
LMAO! is wat i say to that!

but yeah it shwaz fun! and i gotz a lolli POp for participatin!

it was yummy
but yeah humm
other than that......
oh here is my actual banner
it's really immature but hey i could care less!
hehe she should die!
oh btw i was really pissed off when i colored it lol
i'm not insane okat=y!^^;;

well yeahz.........
i watched the clod song all day today in design studies! LMAO!
"and when i go into an in. 15 seconds...it's day again"
soo funny
well yeah....
other than that nothign happened
and at the moment i am extreamly bored!
soo yeahz

well me ish off to visit your sites
fare thee well!
*bows then leaves*


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