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Sunday, October 2, 2005


Dear Friends,

lmao kk ie's like 11:44
and i am blowing bubbles!
how dorky is that
it soo fun they are the one that don't pop!
yeah so i have benn sticking them to posters and stuff
tis fun!
LOl kk this post started at 11:44
then i went to sleep and now it is 7:18!

well yeah yesterday i got the fricken coolest pants ever!

they is pajama pants but they have glow in the dark skulls all over them!
they kick asss!
i love them!

yeah humm
i hung out with my mom yesterday which was fun!
i haven't spent time just me and her in like 2 years if i remembber correctly which i probably don't cuz my memory is shot!

well humm i'm watching hamtaro at the moment and loving it
actuall no i am not

last night i saw Surface lol it shwaz funnny!
lol the i watched
Criminal Minds lol
it was funny too!
so was CSI:miami!

well here to answer questions that were brought up in coments on my post yesterday
ELK is not showing up because he is in the .Hack games and technically he is the same person as Tsukasa
so yeah......

well humm me is kinda bored at the moment!
cuz there is nothign to do!
OH i'll blow more bubles after all i have the mix stuff!

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