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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hello
i am talking to you through the power that is DESIGN STUDIES!!!!
*cheers and claps*
well nothign is happening really i'm very bored!
and there is nothign to do except for go on here
hey this is my first post from school!
lolt hat is really sad!
well yeha
im happy cuz i have reached
400 hits!
i know that it isn't much but it is alot to me!
well yeahz
so humm
is anythign new going on with you guyz?
yes blat i want to be a faerie today btu i don't think that
SummerBaby10 brought her special fantastic wings!
well hum school is over for now and nothign happened though i did finnd out some pretty desturbing stuff like my friend ( who shall remaine name less
is sending letters like as in snail mail to a guy that we met over the internet
but yeah i guess it'sokay cuz like she is using a PObox so yeah lol
but neways
i have read this book called the Dark Benath and it is about this girl Imogen (collest name ever)
and well yeah she has a stalker and he is theis albino kid named Anthony it's kinda creepy he follows her and calles her his everything his universe lol
but yeah it is is all good bokk all in all
wel i am off to vist your sites and play on the comp


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