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Monday, September 26, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey there sorry about al the post yesterday lol
my comp is acting up!
but yeah the corpse bride was awsome i loved it!
it was soo funnyful!
wel yeah i recommend it i loved it
cuz well it kicked teh ass!

well yeahz here is the next bit to my story!

i hope you like it !

Violet swung open the door to her house, looking in to the living room to see if Dan was there waiting for her. She flipped off her shoes and pointed to the kitchen “you can go in there and find something to eat, or you can stay right where you are stay right where you are I’ll be back in a minute.”
Violet ran up the stairs while her guest made his way into the kitchen.
He looked through the cupboard and found a jar of honey, then moved to the fridge and grabbed an apple. He made his way to the tablet and sat down. Dipping the whole apple in the honey then taking bite after bite of the sweet snack.
“That is really gross you know.” Violet commented as she leaned against the doorway to the kitchen. Bandages and peroxide in hand.
He only smiled a somewhat twisted smile back.
Violet made her way to the kitchen table but first grabbed a jar of peanut butter and a spoon.
“Here this should be enough to cover up that cut of yours.” Violet passed the bandages and the across the table.
“If you wouldn’t mind, could you help me get my armour off, I would appreciate it if you did.”
Violet stood up and walked over towards him. “First you pretty much gag me then you tell me to shut the hell up, then you ask for help getting armour off, if you were a girl I swear that you were PMSing, but since your not then I’ll just have to say that you are really moody!”
He laughed.
It took violet a while to figure out how to undo the leather clasps, but once she got the hang of it, it was somewhat easy. Plopping the leather top onto the ground violet could see that the cut wasn’t a small one. It stretched from the bottom of his armpit down to his ribs. Blood spilled out onto the floor and pooled
“What the hell happened? Shit this isn’t gonna be enough to clean it up.”
“It was the things we were hiding from. Don’t worry it will.” he smiled.
“Fine if you say so…” violet said and began to work on the wound. “This may hurt a bit. Okay.” Violet took the rubbing alcohol and put it on a cotton ball then dabbed it up and down the wound.
He winced.
“I’m sorry,” Violet found it hard not to laugh at him. After all he made it with this would and didn’t show many signs of pain and yet he did to this tiny sting. “I told you that it would hurt.” She eventually, smiled.
As well did he.
“So I believe that you should at least give me your name. I’m Violet, Vi, Vile. Anyone will do.
“Heh I like vile personally. Fine I shall tell you my name on the circumstances that you tell no one.” He glared at her. “My name is Nevinan.”
“Nevinan. Cool it’s a mouth full but I like it.” She smiled “I swear I shall not tell anyone your name you have my word. On the other hand you have chosen Vile. You should feel special after all you are the second person to ever use that name!”
“Oh I most certainly do.” Nevinan laughed.
Violet went back to bandaging up the wound.

“Done!” Vi cheered and helped him up
“Thank you Vile.”
“Your welcome.” Vile smiled. “Now if you will excuse me I think that I am going to go get some sleep. You can sleep on the couch if you want or you can leave but if I were you I would stay after all those things could be after you once again.”
“Thank you but I shall have to decline from your offer Vile. Now if you don’t mind I shall take my leave now.”
Violet was some was surprised. She has offered him the stay for an unknown reason. She though to herself that she was just being nice but knew that she though with him there Dan dare not come in and mess with her.
Nevinan picked up his armour and put it back on. Headed to the door, Vile followed. She opened the door and watched as Nevinan walked out.
“Until we meet again vile.” Nevinan called.
Violet shut the door and looked it then headed up the stairs to get some much needed sleep.

>>>>>Chapter 3
The sun had rudely awakened Violet. It spread across her face. When she hid from it under the covers it would seem brighter than ever. She had spread herself across her too small of a bed and her knees ached from being curled up, so they would not have to hang over the edge. Violet had kept her room the same since she was a little girl. Pink all over. Pink walls, pink sheet, curtains and anything else that you could think of, it was all pink.

wel yeah i shall leav it there i hope you like it
and now i must eat
YAYZ for the food!

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