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Friday, September 23, 2005

Movie Maddness!

Dear Friends,

well hi there
today i have to go to a dinner
it's my aunts
4th birthday
i'm nine years loder than my aunt
is it just me or is that a little weird?
oh well i gets to eat food!

well yehs hum....
i have discovered to day that me ish a book worm!
yeha this kid called me one and then i realized that i was lol
i usually always have a book in hand lol !
well anyways i don't care!
oh i went to shop class today!
it was fun!
i was sitting down and my good buddy
was siting beside me and i farted!
lol it was funny
so we both started laughing and this guy fred asked wat was soo funny and this guy josh was like i think Roiben farted!
then i said yeah actually i did~!!
lol so i think i am the only girl in my school that will admit that she farted! lol it was funny!
then josh was being and ass and made noise but lol
it was funny
well i though it was
peoplez were like aren't you embarrassed??
lol to tell you the truth i wasn't suprizingly lol
well yeah...
i was talking to my mom on my cell on the bus and peoples were throwing batteries and
people were yealling fuck lol
so my mom was like who the hell was that and i said pplz lol
the i got off the phone and was yealling lol it wash funny!

oh and here is the next littel bit to my story!

>>>>>Chapter 2
Looking out into the vast open star lit sky, violet could only think of what had happened only hours before. She had to stop those though, instead violet though of how she and Sarah use to stare out at the setting sun, whose last breaths above the ground were slow and painful, before it finally sank. Only to once again be resurrected in the next morning. Violet laughed. She remembered how Sarah said that the moon was only watching the sun drown. How it rose in the sky only to laugh one the sun was completely gone. Violet had lost the though of what had happened for the moment. She was now staring up at the full moon slowly drifting off.
Violet awoke with a hand placed over her mouth.
“Shh! Stay quite. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” Whispered the body that the hand belonged to. “Stay low don’t get up or else they’ll catch us.”
Violet trusted this person though she didn’t know why. She listened to what he had said and stayed quite and didn’t move. Slowly the hand lifted off of her mouth and violet jumped up.
Violet could finally see the person. His electric black hair hid his face but Violet could still tell that he was at least around 17 or older. He stood up and his hair fell back from his face. Glaring Pewter eyes stood out in the dark against his pale skin. He was cover in what to violet looked like thick leather armour. Violet finally felt the terror and fear that she should have felt before creep up from the back of her mind.
“Who the hell are you and what the hell do you think, you were trying to pull back there?!”
He came next to violet and pulled a sword from the sheathe that was tied around his waist, and then healed it up to her neck. “My name is of no importance to you. Now quiet and don’t tell anyone of this event. If they find out you’ll be dead before you know it.”
Violet twitched when she saw the silver blade reflecting the moonlight onto her neck, then stepped back from the sword when she saw droplets of blood on the grass.
“Promise me tat you will tell no one about this even!” he demanded as he attempted to follow violet, his sword still raised.
“Fine! Okay I won’t tell anyone!” Violet yelled annoyed at the fact that he kept asking.
He stepped back and placed the sword back in it’s sheathe.
Violet could see that he had winced as if he were in pain. “ Yer hurt aren’t you?”
Violet cut him off. “ I can see the blood stains on the grass and you just winched in pain about a second ago. I might be stupid doing things like falling asleep on a hill but I am not blind. Come with me and I’ll get you some bandages and you can clean it up.”
He nodded.
And with that the two of them set off down the hill towards her house, looking back every once and a while to see if he was still following.

well yeahz i hopes that you guys like it
good bye i must visit your sites before i leavre for my cute little aunties party
bye bye


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