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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Dear Friends,

well shmello there!
loltoday was boring lol
i went and ran cross country today and almost colasped cuz i was so fricken cold!
then in gym we were playing tag and i rean into this guy
ti was soo funny!
I FLEW back like 3 yards lol
adn then i realized that everyone was lokking at my arms lol
i had huge gouges out of them lol
so i went in said and i got some bandages but my stupid Mrs. Miller
caught me and she was liek i need you to do a little job for me lol
i nedd to wash my arms first lol
is wat i told her and she was like
oh well you can do it later
i was walikng through that halls with blodd drippin froom both my arms
it was soo funny
then i finally got to put the bandages on and i have so far gone through 5
all the blood!

but yeah i think it was on the 3rd one but it was funny
it was squriting puss!
lol i pressed iot down and happened to be standing by this prissy girl and lol
it squrited all over her!
i was laughin so hard i couldn't berath lol but yeha now i have a Cut buddy
lol this guy cut his hand on the B-Ball hoop and he cut his hand lol then out of no where when i got on the bus he was like
"yo Roiben how ya doing my Cut buddy"
well yeah other than that my dad was boring
adn oh this even is even more proof that i am a complete Klutz!

i'm glad that you guys liked the story and yes dan is an evil man and poor volet!


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