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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   Posty Posty!

Dear Friends,

well for all of youz who are wondering when the raccon hurt is i would say sometime maybe in a week
i have to say somethin kk
*smile* wel yeah i just had to say that

well yes it's like 8:30 here
lol and i just gotz out of the shower so i smell FRESH!

adn i don't have school today so anyone PM me if you would like to talk
i'll propbably be on the comp all day anyways except for when i am doing home work

i might be gone for a little bit though cuz somethign really bad happened to one of my friends and well i wanna go visit her but then again she does have school


well yeah i'll be sittin here
and i am bored!

oh here i have th thrid part to my story lol for any of you guys that have ideas of a name please fell free to tell me i need a name for the danged story!

“Hey Vi.” A familiar voice called out to violet.
“Hey Dan.” violet spun around in the swing so that she was able to see Dan.
“It’s so weird you know. I always think that she’ll be waiting for me outside my house at 4. I…I keep waiting for her and then I remember. Remember that she’s not coming and she never will…” Violet could see that Dan’s eyes weren’t happy a usual. When he looked at violet they seemed blank, emotionless and lost. Clouded over to a point when it was as if he would never be able to see out of them again.
“Dan…Are you sure that you’re okay? You seem even more depressed that you were at the funeral. I know that well you have the right to be depressed and all but still…”
“Violet?” Dan walked over and stood in front of violet, then rested his hand on her shoulder. “Thanks for caring but yeah I I’m fine please don’t’ worry about me.” Dan smiled.
It’s fake how can her keep doing this going on like that it’s fake. Violet smiled back.

She got up and out of the
swing set, and then started to walk and after a while, she started to notice that she was walking further and further from her house. Turning all the way around and heading back to her house Vi had decided that it was at least midnight.
Violet was tired. She hadn’t been able to sleep al all since the accident and now it was finally catching up with her. She could see her house. Sped up and yanked the door open. Then froze. Dan was sitting in her living room. On the couch. Lights on, TV flashing.
Dan had cut her off. “You’re mom let me in. I was worried after all you just kinda left.”
Violet flipped off her shoes then walked inside and sat beside Dan on the couch. “I hope that you haven’t been waiting long. Sorry. I went on a walk.”
“No problem, I’ve only been here for a little bit…Vi are you okay? You look really tired.”
“Yeah I am. I haven’t slept at all since well you know.”
“Oh well then I guess that I should let you get some rest. I’ll talk to you tomorrow then I guess.” Dan ran his fingers through his hair, and then headed for the door.
Violet followed. Walking Dan out of the house and to the street was the least that Vi though she could so.
Dan’s eyes still looked clouded.
“bye dan”
“goodnite violet.”
Violet was shocked. She felt the sharp, shooting of Dan’s lips pressed against hers.
“Fuck off! Asshole! Get away from me!” violet slapped Dan.
“Common.” He grabbed violet buy her shoulders.
“No way you jerk get away from me!” violet ripped away from Dan and walked back to her house.
“Common what is it gonna matter now? Now that Sarah’s dead.”
Violet punched Dan in the face.

well yeha i hope that you guys liked it lol but if not I DON"T care Xd

fare thee Well


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