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Monday, September 19, 2005

Weddings! I love Weddings Drinks All Around!

Dear Friends,

well first of all i have to say anyone who will want to help me kill the evil racoons they can join me!
weet woo
btu you have to bring tons of bug spray cuz my dad's farm is full of Misqueetoes!
and other bugs
oh and if you are scared of spiders i suuggest that you not come!

ohkay well on the other hand today at school was boring!
i fell on my ass like a bajilloin times within a 15 min time period!
lol it was funny!
i would run then trip then i would laugh then i fell of the monkey bars and fell on my ass
then i ran ad triped again adn well yeahz i kept falling!
lol it was fun!
then i stalked SummerBaby10
it was fun!
she didin't notice!
it was awsome!
sweetness in a bottle!

the we found this lady bug how almost got Squrshed in a Fruba Manga and we named it
Nema RP
so that
it was satainic and not....
then this girl claire Squrshed him!
we cried!
it was sad!
the we planned to cremate it but sadly noone had a lighter
so we barried it !
but yeah......
.it twas fun!

wellz yeah i have to goz now!
check all of your sites!

so fare thee well!



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