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Friday, September 16, 2005

   terrry fox run!

Dear Friends,

well hiya!
today i had to do the freking terry fox run!
for those of you who don't know who terry fox is
he tried to run across canada with a prostetic leg in the 80's
raiseing money for cancer research.
sadly he only made it half was and dided of then cancer that had taken his leg three years before.

well yeah so we ran through confederation park!
lol i was so fricken tired! lol
i am not one of the most fricken fit peoplez but i try!
being a couch potatoe is my sport!

well ne ways lol i ran and came back then i gotz an orange juice and nowz i am hyper for some really odd reason!

oh i was waitin for the bus after school and well i saw a really good friend that i havn'e seen for a while!
her name is Michelle!
i was spazing lol
i tried to get on the bus and when i couldn't get on i was lik e
then i saw
michelle and said the exact same thign and i guess she must have heard or saw me but she did the same thing!
but i never go to talk to her
well at least i saw her!

well yeahz
i didn't have my test today it got moved but i did have a BHFG meeting
( big happy family group)\it's stupid but i ended up in a good one
lol i hung out with my friends
lik e
and alex adn cassandra
so yeah it was fun! lol

welll i have to leave for the weekend once again
lol i might do a post tomorrow morning but i don't know

oh yeah
Gwee i'm soo happy!
lol hehe yayz!

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