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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Dear Friends,

hey well for all you peoplez who have never had cavities!

but ne ways
yesterday i went to my friends house and we worked on a layout for our website for 4 fricken hours!

then we found out that we had cut it all wrong!

but yeah i had pizza though so it was all good!

well i was workin on my English/LA project.
tis fun!
i get to collage a book with wat ever i want just as long as it is apropriate!
lol so i have the corpse bride all over it and anime and MCR
and The Used
then ihave my fave words lol
i would have TESTICUALR
but that's not apropriate lol
(soorry i can't spell XD)

well yeah i have LABMZ writen on it and WEET WOO and YAYZ and SHEEP!
the i have Roiben and BBQ

yeha it' a very random book!
lol i have no pics of Kamui or anyone from X so that makes me sad but i have X writen alll over it!

hehe it's black and yayZ
i love it!

oh and i got dissed by my TA/Science teacher
damn him!
well yayz
lol i actually got the new kid to talk agian!
weet woo
i'm so proud of my self!
but yeah he's not so alone anymore
he has made friends with the
"IT" group which means that he shall be showered with popularity
and then zip.......
so yeah...........

well ne ways i better stop writing this brush my hari then go to school
oh yeah wish me luck on my shop test!

*throwz teh confetti in teh airz*


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