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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Dear Friends,

well i was at the dentists
and i had to get cavities filled
the dentist came in wiht this huge needle
( i hate needels)
and she shoved it in my cheek!
lol i like freaked out and they had to get 4 people to hold me down!
i was like get that thing away from me
and then i ran

yeha but i enden up getting it and then i found out that they had given me an overdose!

so i was freaking out then.
then i got drilled
( i hate the sound it makes)
and i could feel it cuz the stuff hadn't kicked in yet!
i isitten then then all of the sudden i was yelling holy f--- at the top of my lungs!
then i got home and my mouth was still frozen
10 still frozen and i woke up this morning and it was still frozen!

so right now i am poking it !
i can't fell it and it is fun!

stupid peoplez and the over dose
then ihave to go back next week!
it should be fun

but yeah
i am off to visit your sites!
have a good day


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