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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

picture day!

Dear Friends,

well hey
yeah today was the Damned day of Pictures and for Magnus it is annual i have a pic yearly
and well
lol it was funny
me an d my mom argued over wat i would were this morning at like 5 :30
then wehn it was time to take the pics i sneezed once again lol
and then well the other were good i hope
but later that day i took a comb
(they hand them out)
and i got it stuck in my hair!
It hurt soo much!
peoplez were laughing and i actually got a laugh out of the new kid
had to help me get it out
and well this guy Josh grabbed it and pulled lol
it was gross!!
then well
yeha it came out but my head hurt!

then on the bus me and
and me were playing with her winne the pooh keychain and well it was groping it self and well yeah

but all and all the day was really fun!
though my head still hurts lol
yeha i know that i am stupid!

well yeah i shall go and visit your sites now
fair theee well!

oh yeah i have to go to the dentist too! lol i get to have 4 cavities filled and i geet to get a new mouth gard cuz i ground through my old one! WEET WOO lISP!


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