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Thursday, September 8, 2005


Dear Friends,

well at the start of the day i was really hyper but then as the day went on thisg kept getting worse
i was pissed cuz i had grade 7's call me lez
i mean i have nothign against it
people have the right to fallin lovve with who they want!
it's not that
but when you have the whole Fucking grade 7 populating pretty much call you a fucking lez i get mad
it's not because their callling me it
it's because they are making fun of other people
i hate it when people do that it pisses me off so much!
i had to stop my self from beating th eshit out of this grade 7
i wanted to soo bad and i would have btu it was a goood thing that i didn't!

well on to the next depressin subjet!
one of my friends is haveing alot of trouble right now and i hate seenig people especially friends in pain!
i wish that there was somethign that i could do to help but i am not and expert. i want to help so much!
but i can't well yeahz
i have benn drained of all my hypernes
sorry that this post is a crappy one!
i'm sure things will be better tomorrow!
well yeha

thanx you guys for listenign to me !


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