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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   You Know You're Addicted To Anime When......

Dear Friends,

You say ITADAKIMASU!! before you eat your meals
i say that before every meal!
i have to and now i am happy that i do!

well today was my first day at school!
i was runnign through the halls screaming Screw me hard in Portugese
yeah it was funny!
well i found out my classes and i'm happy i'm not alone this year
we have this new kid in our class
adn his name is
Bill Ly (pronounced lee)
i felt bad for him cuz noone would talk to him
and yeha.......
well i have a new teacher !! he is awsome!
he is a replacement for my favorite teacher Mr. Robinson!
but yeah they ar ethe same!
except Mr, Rob was funnyer!

so yeah i have my hates teacher again fricken Mrs Sandu!
i hate her!
she is the essence of Doll hell!
( i hate dollz!)
and yeah.....
oh well i could care less i got all of the options that i wanted
YAYZ for Art and Design Studies!

lol then tommorow i have CTS i hope that i am in shop!
but then again i want to be in home EC cuz i can cook and EAT!!!
but yeah that is all that i have to say for today


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