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Monday, September 5, 2005

I'm happy!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys!
thanx for all the feed back on my story!
sorry that my post was soo long!

well today i might be going Rollerblading once again with a bunch of my friends!
and it should be fun!
hopefully they play some good music!
last time all they palyed was Hillary Duff and Black Eyed Peas
it waa a pain in the ass i swear if i had stayed any longer my ears would have started to BLEED!

yeah hopefull they play better music cuz when i go there i am gonna request Our Lady Peace, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Silver Chair, The White Strpies and last but not least MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!
weet woo!

it should be a fun day!
that is if we do end up going....

yesterday was fun lol
i did nothing lol
i stayed home watched TV
wrote more of my storie
and then Watched Clueless
the funnest part of that movie is where Cher(Alicia Silverstone(sp?)) is heald at gun point!
i was fricken pissing my self laughing at that!
oh i also watched the Breakfast CLub!
i love that movie!
i don't know why but i do!
other than that nothign happened today and over all it was really boring!
at least i found it to be
except for when i watched family guy! lol it was awsome!

so yeah... NO SCHOOL !!!!!
till tomorrow!
it sucks but neways
i'm not gona make this a long post vuz you guys have had to go through 2 in 2 days so yea this one is short

Fare thee well!

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