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Friday, September 2, 2005

Hundred and one things you don't know about me

Dear Friends,

Well hey there every one
As you can see I have changed my theme once again to SPIRAL!!
Weet woo
I got this Post idea from Ob53zt Tang3rtin3ís site!
Well yes
Here it is the One Hundred and One things that you may not know about me!

∑ Iím scared that one day Iíll end up all alone

∑ Though I love to be alone

∑ I love meeting people online and I hate it when people say that it is a waste of time

∑ I think that meeting people online is better than meeting people out there in the ďrealĒ world. They canít judge you on your looks they can only judge you on wat you say and do!

∑ I truly believe that that is the way the world should be

∑ I hate it when people call me EMO! Even though Iíll listen to it

∑ When people tell me to smile and act happy I hate it! Iíll smile when I actually have something to smile about!

∑ I hate hypocritical people

∑ Though I am one if them!

∑ I hate my self because I always pick out my flaws

∑ And I pick out my Flaws because I hate myself

∑ I wish that no one had to die

∑ And yet there are time that I wish I would die

∑ Iím not suicidal so you donít have to worry about me kk

∑ I hate it when people say donít worry because then if gives me more reason to worry!

∑ And yet I always tell people not to worry

∑ I hate it when people say sorry and they have done nothing

∑ And yet I do it all the time!

∑ I hate labels

∑ I hate GameCube

∑ I hate politics and yet Iím really interested in it

∑ Iím always afraid that I will be alone forever and then I remember I have friends

∑ But then I have to wonder if well be friends forever

∑ I hate letting people in

∑ I donít like getting close to people because I donít want to get hurt

∑ I act like nothing is going on and that every thing is happy and yet on the inside Iím constantly ripping myself apart and wishing that things would be better

∑ I love all my friends and I would do anything for then I would die for then I really would

∑ Iím always afraid that I will never be loved then I remember that I have my family and I wonder if they truly do love me?

∑ I love using my E-mail

∑ I love talking on the phone but I would rather talk to people face to face!

∑ I am flatter easily!

∑ I get jealous very easily

∑ I hate how my family is always so loud and yet I am no different

∑ Iím always surprised when people hug me cuz I would never think of someone wanting to hug me

∑ Iím a fake

∑ Who puts on a mask to fit in an live day by day

∑ And yet with only a few people and one here can I be my true self

∑ I donít know who that is anymore though

∑ I love music if it werenít here I would have died a long time ago

∑ I love to sing when no one is watching because itís fun!

∑ I love being embarrassed

∑ I could care less wat people say about me but when it comes to people saying stuff about my friends I could kil them!

∑ I have anger problems!

∑ There has been a time where I almost choked my little brother to death I have stabbed him with a pencil and well yeah but I love him to death

∑ I am a violent person but I am getting better

∑ I say that I hate to read but I love it

∑ Even though InuYasha is one of my favourite animes I think it is one of the most boring one out there!

∑ I love listening to sad music

∑ I love my family and yet I hate them all at the same time!

∑ I hate it when people say that being gay is a bad thing, some of my friends are gay and so are some of my family members

∑ I hate dressing up

∑ I would rather look like a rag doll then be some thing that I am not

∑ Iím addicted to the Internet! I love my computer and I spend more time on it than anything else

∑ I would rather spend the day in the house with one good friend then being out and about with a bunch of them

∑ I feel as if I only have 10 good friends who I can actually trust and that number is slowly getting smaller

∑ I donít like to trust people cuz I donít want to get left behind

∑ I love visiting sites!

∑ I think that each site depicts how you are no matter how hard you try to cover it

∑ I would rather spend a day at my house with one person that I can talk to for hours and hours than trying to talk over bunches of people

∑ I used to absolutely hate pink! But now itís growing on meÖI can stand it in moderation but I still wonít wear it unless it is in shoes

∑ I love to write and yet I hate it when I write for hours and hours cuz I think i am wasting my time

∑ I hate my step dad

∑ The places that I have come to fear the most is the place that I once loved the most

∑ I feel as if Iím lost all the time and that there is nothing that can fix that

∑ I love my cousin Santana my stepsister Candice more than they will know

∑ I hate my mother for splitting my father and my stepmother up!

∑ I hate my dad for blaming it all on my mom even though it was her fault

∑ I love my cats but they could care less

∑ I hate being used

∑ And I hate being lied to though I lie all the time

∑ I love all of you guys more than you could ever know

∑ I even think of some of you guys as sister (you know who you are)

∑ I hate what the world has become!

∑ I think that it is terrible and that because of our need to progress we will fail

∑ I love reading fan fics even though I never do

∑ I hate sappy movies and I love action

∑ I hate cry babies though I am one

∑ I hate crying even though I do it every day

∑ I hate the smell of smoke it gives me head aches


∑ I talk way too much

∑ I am suck a pervert >.<

∑ I love to laugh though I donít do it nearly enough!

∑ Iím so happy that I joined MyO

∑ I love Tim Burton movie no matter how weird they may be

∑ Well I love it when people compliment me and I love hugs though I never give them out over the internet lol

∑ I hate it when people say ďnoobĒ or ďnoobieĒ

∑ The smallest things amaze me and I love being amazed

∑ I get bored easily

∑ I love zombies and vampires

∑ I hate saying I love you to people on a daily basis because then it loses itís meaning and it just becomes and other saying

∑ I would rather have some one tell me that they love me once a month or once in their entire lives that every single day

∑ There isnít enough love in the world to go around

∑ I tend to look to the negative side of things in my life

∑ Though I am a happy person

∑ I love making heartís on the computer though many may find it annoying

∑ I hate being the enemy

∑ I have so much more to say but I canít say it

∑ I hope that you guys caní understand me more and well yeah

∑ You guys on here have made me laugh and cry more that I have in my offline life. I donít plan to leave myO at least not for a long time!*smile*

∑ I love all of you guys please know that and Iíll be there to support you when ever you need it just say the word!

Well yeah that is all that I am posting for to day cuz well my hands hurt now from typing that much lol so yeahÖ.

Have a great day you guys!


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