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Thursday, September 1, 2005


Dear Friends,

well yeahz
i know that alot of you guys have school today so yeah!
have fun!
*evil snicker*
and to all the people that i know that are just starting school today lol

for me i caught a lucky break
the school i am going to is still under construction and well yeah

so they had to eztend out holliday till tuesday!

so i am home all by my self chillin to some N.I.N
I still need to buy the new OLP CD
ciuz well OLP kicks ass!
and yeah!

humm i'm really bored today thoug!
there is nothing to do!
all of my friends here
are out with others and i am the odd one out!
but yeah
oh well i have my comp!

so i am not alone!!!!!!

my hotmail
isn't working i cna't answere e-mails it sucks!

but yeah


i shall be on my comp all day unles something happens which nothign will seeing as my life is so boring!
and yeah

i'm in pain!!!

and well yeahz lol

humm well yeahz i have nothing to post oh but you guys hould check out FriedChocobo's
site he has put up some awsome stories!

one is caled fake wings i believe
and the other is a fan fic
nut it's not an anime one lol
it's an disney one except it's not the general disney ating lol
well yeahz

so yea

i'm bored nad now i shall go take a midol cuz i am in pain then pig outon sugar even though it's not good but oh welli could care less!!

have a great day you guys!
oh i saw I'm not oaky for the 2 time in my life lol yeha in canada they mostly show Helena and Ghost of you!
so yeah..... heh i'm not okay!
well also does anyone know how to make hearts ?/o nthe key board it's not working for me so yeah...


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